The Rock Climber Tribe

“The Tribe”.

The rock climbing tribe has evolved from a bunch of dedicated climbers living in makeshift tents and eating cat food, first established by a group of hardcore extremist, living at Yosemite National Park in the USA.

Now it is a worldwide family of climbers wanting to better themselves, in our continuous drive to ascend that next project.

At High Altitude, our vision not only includes building mental and physical fitness but also to create that “Tribe” of climbers who want to spend time climbing together, edging each other on and having a friendly competitiveness with one another.

We take the time to build relationships with all our climbers, knowing that everybody wants that sense of belonging, we started our social bring, braai and climb, where we focus on building friendships around a fire.
But nothing spells relationship building like taking a day out hiking and climbing in the beautiful countryside of KwaZulu-Natal.

Come and join our “Tribe” at High Altitude and become part of the ever-growing rock climbing family.

Train Your Body, Train Your Mind

Rock climbing builds muscle and endurance.

Contrary to what many beginners may believe, climbing requires much more than upper-body strength. The success of completing a route relies heavily on a long list of physical factors, including footwork, lower body strength, and lean muscle mass. Although not often thought of as a common form of cardio, ascending walls is a sure way to get your heart pumping, similar to the way climbing stairs or jogging does.

Climbing boosts brain function.

In addition to building up muscle and helping you get that cardio, climbing involves problem-solving skills — which explains why bouldering routes are actually called “problems.” But whether athletes are scaling cliffs or conquering long traverses in their local bouldering cave, time on the rocks is anything but mindless.

As you climb you are consistently having to problem solve, you need to figure out the next move, “where do I put my feet now?”, “How must I position my weight to get maximum strength?”. These types of questions while climbing build your mental fitness, and with time you start to know exactly what your body is able to do.


High Altitude. Where fitness and socializing meet.

At High Altitude, we strive to bring fitness and socializing together.

With indoor rock climbing growing rapidly as an alternative form of fitness worldwide, we offer an exciting way to build your muscle tone and increase your fitness.

You may be asking yourself; “Why would I want to do rock climbing, when I could just go to the gym to get fit?”.

Unlike traditional gyms where you focus on one aspect of your body at a time and often feel alone or embarrassed.

high Altitude & VUKARock climbing works your body and mind, from core strength to mental fitness. And with a buzzing sense of belonging to “The Tribe”.

Here at High Altitude, we offer a range of options, from our basic membership for those who just love to climb and want to blow off some steam after a long day, to our intensive membership where we train you in the fine art of climbing technics and build your core strength with our associate Vuka Fitness‘ core strength program.

With children being close to our hearts, we have put a lot of focus into working with schools to do hobby days.

Where we offer an amazing course where we teach the children the ins and outs of rock climbing, build their self-confidence and teach them how to trust one another.

Having children still in mind, we also offer parents an alternative form of birthday parties. Giving the children an exciting time of challenging their friends on our climbing wall, playing games and doing our blood pumping 3 and 6-meter swings.